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Object-Oriented Analysis And Design
With Applications 2nd Ed.

(Applications are in C++)
Grady Booch
ISBN 0-8053-5340-2
1994 Addison Wesley Longman.

Object-Oriented Analysis And Design presents a detailed and well-written introduction to the object model, a notation for describing software systems, and a process for analysis and design that is easy to follow for those with some experience in software engineering. It explores the complexity of software development and explains   how to reduce that complexity  through object-oriented analysis and design techniques. It contains five complete, practical examples from different disciplines that are implemented in the C++ programming language. There is a very extensive glossary and bibliography.

If you are looking for an introduction to object-oriented techniques, you will not go wrong with either this book or Object-Oriented Software Construction, 2nd Ed by Bertrand Meyer.  Each author has a well deserved following that sometimes seems to reach cult status.

You may also be interested in The Unified Modeling Language User Guide and The Unified Software Development Process, by Booch, Rumbaugh, and Jacobson.   Since this book was written in 1994, Mr. Booch has collaborated with James Rumbaugh and Ivar Jacobson to develop a Unified Modeling Language (UML) and Unified Software Development Process that  combines the processes and notations that were developed independently by each of the authors into one unified approach.  UML is gaining wide acceptance in the industry.

Table of Contents

The First Section: Concepts
  Ch. 1. Complexity
  Ch. 2. The Object Model
  Ch. 3. Classes and Objects
  Ch. 4. Classification
The Second Section: The Method
  Ch. 5. The Notation
  Ch. 6. The Process
  Ch. 7. Pragmatics
The Third Section: Applications
  Ch. 8. Data Acquisition: Weather Monitoring Station
  Ch. 9. Frameworks: Foundation Class Library
  Ch. 10. Client/Server Computing: Inventory Tracking
  Ch. 11. Artificial Intelligence: Cryptanalysis
  Ch. 12. Command and Control: Traffic Management
Appendix: Object-Oriented Programming Languages
Classified Bibliography

G Booch, OBJECT-ORIENTED ANALYSIS AND DESIGN WITH APPLICATIONS, Copyright 1994 Benjamin Cummings Publishing Company, Inc.  Reproduced by permission of Addison Wesley Longman.  All rights reserved.


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