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You can use this form to create custom error messages for the TVM bean in your native language. Select your language from the option box. Then, for each english message, fill in an equivalent message in your language. Press the submit button when you are finished and a resource file localized for your language will be downloaded. After the download is complete follow the instructions at the bottom of this page to complete the process.


Final Steps

  • For most languages you must next use the native2ascii utility (which is found in the JDK /bin directory) to transform multi-byte characters of the source to an escaped sequence of ascii characters that the jdk compiler can understand.
    native2ascii -encoding UTF-8 ErrorResource_fr_CA.utf8 ErrorResource_fr_CA.java
  • Compile the source (javac ErrorResource_fr_CA.java) and place the resulting class anywhere along the class path or include it in the jar. Either way, it must be part of a directory structure that reflects the package name, i.e.:

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