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TVM 1.2.2-u Installation

  1. Download the tvm122b.zip or tvm122b.tar.gz file from:
  2. Decompress the files with an unzip or tar/gzip utility. The utility will create a directory named tvm and extract several files into it:
    The Time Value of Money Bean classes. This jar may be placed in your classpath or imported into visual IDE's such as JBuilder or VisualAge for Java.
    Open source license. Please read the terms and conditions.
    Contains a small applet that demonstrates some of the TVM Bean's features.
    Contains the development resources. Please read the dev/ReadMe.html doc and the GNU Lesser General Public License before modifying the code and/or redistributing it.
    Build file used by the ANT utility to rebuild the bean & create JavaDoc documentation
    Contains the source code
    Contains unit test cases
    Contains error resource language files
    Contains API documentation in JavaDoc format that you can read with a Web browser. Begin with index.html.
    Contains documentation for classes, interfaces, events, and resources that define the public interface of the bean.
    Contains documentation for all methods (public, private, and package).
    This file
  3. Update the CLASSPATH (optional). If you only use the TVM Bean in an IDE, you do not need to set the CLASSPATH. However, you may want to include tvm/TVM.jar in your CLASSPATH if you intend to use javac and other SDK tools from the command line. For a discussion on when to use CLASSPATH and how to set it, go to:
    Unix (Solaris):



BigDecimal Support

If you developing Graphical applications with the TVM bean, you may also want to download the free BigDecimalField package. The package will make it much easier to enter and display BigDecimal values. The package is available at:

If you are developing Java Server Pages, you may want to look at our free custom tag library. However, the new JSTL standard tag library has now greatly reduced the need for it:


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