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The Time Value of Money Calculator tries to change its labels and number format to match the default language setting of your computer. The number format always changes, but if there are no translations available for the labels in your language, they will appear in English. For example, if Russian (for which there are no translations yet) is the default language of your computer, all labels will be in English but the calculator will expect numbers to be entered in the format "123 456,99". You can select the default English format for both labels and numbers from the Options menu if the mismatch is too confusing.

The labels do not "stretch" enough to accommodate ideal translations in some languages. The labels are clipped off in those cases. If the labels look odd, it is the fault of the calculator design and not the translators!

If you are fluent in English and one of the languages in the drop-down list below, please help make the calculator easier for other visitors to use by providing a new translation for your language next to each English phrase listed in the form. The translation won't appear immediately. We need time to check that nothing offensive has been submitted.

English - available
German - available
Spanish - 18-Feb-2005 - Thanks!
Dutch - new 27-Jun-2005 - Thanks to B. Rijsdijk!

New Translation:



Calculator Labels:

Present Value
Future Value
Create Amortization Table
Payments Per Year
Compounding Per Year
Pay at end of period
Round half-up
Note: In the U.S, APY is an abbreviation for Annual Percentage Yield (also called Effective Yield). The translation should be an abbreviation or a short word so that it can fit into the small space available on the calculator.
Creating Schedule...

Error Messages:

Arithmetic error
Invalid argument
Number of Periods must be a whole number.
Value out of range
No solution exists
Range is 0 - 1200 for number of periods
Iteration limit exceeded
Scale cannot be negative
Range is 0 - 999% for interest rate per year
No solution found
Number of Periods is 0
Range is 1 - 365 for payments per year
Range is 1 - 365 for compounding periods per year
Effective Rate must be > 0
Number of Periods was rounded to a whole number

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You can either enter a name or nickname so we can acknowledge you for your translation or you can submit it anonymously.



We will use your translation to build an open-source translation object similar to this one that can be used by the tutorial calculators on this site and is available for others to download if they want to. We do not profit from it other than that it enhances our site.


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