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GO Custom Tag Library Survey

Thanks for taking the time to complete the GO tag library survey. Your opinions and suggestions are important to us.


1. Should the SetDecimalProperty and GetDecimalProperty tags use the Locale found in the request rather than the Locale of the server (JVM) when the locale attribute is missing?

(The default for the Locale tag must also be consistent with this behavior.)
Don't Care
Currently, the tag handler first looks for an explicit Locale attribute. If none is found, the default Locale of the server is used. Should the tags use this order instead?
  • Use Locale attribute if present
  • Use Locale found in the request
  • If neither exists, use Locale of server



2. How useful would wildcard capability (property="*") be in the setProperty tag?

Very useful
Not very useful
Don't Care



3. All of the tags in the library allow only fixed, static values for attribute values. How useful would request time expressions for some attributes be? (please list the attributes that could benefit most.)

Very useful
Not very useful
Don't Care



4. Anything else you'd like to add or change?




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