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BigDecimalField Features

The BigDecimalField bean is a numerical entry field that can edit and display Java BigDecimal numbers. It can:

  • format and parse BigDecimal numbers according to the rules of the language and country that are currently set.
  • accept a specific locale or use the default.
  • scale and round (round half-up or round down) the displayed value.
  • fire a property change event when the value changes either by keyboard entry or a setter method.
  • accept keyboard input either when the Enter key is pressed or when focus is moved to another field.

The bean does not provide any error events.

  • a beep (which can be silenced) is sounded when an invalid character is entered. The character is ignored.
  • multiple character entry errors (such as 4-5,,) are caught when the enter key is pressed or focus is lost. The last valid value is then restored.
  • all setter method errors are ignored.

A simple BigDecimal property editor is included in the jar.


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