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Version 1.1.2 September 2002

Enhancements/Error Corrections:

  • This is a minor update that does not change the BigDecimalField API or any of its behavior.

    Beginning with this release, the BigDecimalField and BigDecimalFormat beans are distributed under the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). You can redistribute the beans and/or modify them under the terms and conditions of that license. We chose the LGPL over the GPL because it allows you to include the bean in an application that is not itself free or licensed under the GPL.


Known Problems:

  • There is a bug in the 1.4.0 and 1.4.0_01 JRE that prevents the "Choose a Locale" choice field in the demo applet from being filled with available locales. This will also occcur when you use the US English Only version of JRE 1.4.1. These versions do not have the lib/ext/localdata.jar localization jar needed to display other languages. This is not a problem with the bean itself, only with the demonstration of it.
  • On some Macintosh systems, a property change event is not fired when the focus is lost after the value in the field has been changed. It is only fired when the enter key is pressed.

Please tell us if you experience any other problems.

Current Limitations:

Formatting and Parsing The bean formats and parses plain numbers that can contain group and decimal separators only. It does not format or parse currency and percentages.
Errors The bean does not provide error events or exceptions. Single character errors are caught when the keystroke occurs and ignored (with beep). When multiple character errors occur, the entry is replaced with the last valid entry (zero if this is the first entry).
Testing The bean has been tested on Windows NT 2000 with Sun's Forte, Borlands's JBuilder, and IBM's VisualAge for Java and on Red Hat Linux 7.3 with Forte.

Version 1.1.1 Feb 2001

Enhancements/Error Corrections:

  • This is a minor update that does not change the BigDecimalField API or any of its behavior.

    Internally, the BigDecimalField bean invokes the BigDecimalFormat class when it needs to parse a numeric string or format a BigDecimal object. With this version, the BigDecimalFormat class has been promoted to a public java bean with its own BeanInfo class and icon. Two new properties, scale and roundUp, were added to it.

    These changes were made so that BigDecimalFormat can be used as a stand-alone parser and formatter:

    • as a bean within Java Server Pages (JSP) using the <jsp:useBean/> standard tag
    • in the <go:setDecimalProperty/> and <go:getDecimalProperty/> custom JSP tags
    • in non-graphical applications

Known Problems:
None. Please tell us if you experience any problems with the demo.

Version 1.1.0 Dec 1999

Enhancements/Error Corrections:

  • Locale is now:
    • initially set to the default locale
    • changed when the bean is added to a container hierarchy with a specific locale set.
    • changed when the locale property is specifically set on this bean
  • Removed leading spaces (padding) from display text
  • modified the property change methods to accommodate Java 2.

Version 1.0.2

Enhancements/Error Corrections:

  • Corrected an ActionEvent error. An ActionEvent should be fired when the the field contains a valid number and the entry key is pressed, but not when it contains an invalid entry.

Version 1.0.1

Enhancements/Error Corrections:

  • Corrected a problem with min/max properties. When a value that falls outside of the min/max range is entered into the field from the keyboard, the invalid text will be replaced by the last valid value. A beep will be sounded (if enabled). A property change event is not fired in this case, since the value did not change permanently.

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