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Install the BigDecimalField JavaBean


  1. Download the getObjects.BigDecimalField Java Bean. The file is named bigdecimalnnn.zip, where nnn is the version number. For example the file for version 1.1.2 will be named bigdecimal112.zip. You can download the  file into any directory with sufficient space. The compressed zip file is about 70 kb in size. The decompressed file will occupy about 170 kb.
  2. Unzip the file. Currently, the distribution is only available in compressed ZIP format. You must have an unzip utility to decompress it. The unzip utility will create a directory named bigdecimal/ and extract these files and subdirectories into it:
    The BigDecimalField Bean. This file may be moved to the Bean Development Kit's /jars subdirectory or imported into visual IDE's such as JBuilder or VisualAge for Java.
    Please read the terms and conditions.
    /demo subdirectory
    Contains a small applet that demonstrates the Bean's features.
    /doc subdirectory
    Contains documentation in JavaDoc format that you can read with a Web browser. Begin with index.html. Documents both public and private classes, interfaces, events, methods, and resources that define the bean.
    /source subdirectory
    Contains the source code for all public and private classes for reference.
    A text version of this page.
  3. Import the Jar Into Visual Development Tools

    Simply copy bigdecimal.jar into the jars/ subdirectory of the BDK. The Bean will appear on the ToolBox panel of BeanBox the next time you start it.

    VisualAge For Java
    From the Workbench window:

    • select File-->Import
    • from the first SmartGuide dialog, select Jar File and click Next
    • from the second dialog, enter relative-path/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.jar as the file name, check class and resource, enter the name of the project into which you want to import the bean. Click Finish
    • Check BigDecimalField under available beans, select Other under Palette, Click Add to Category and OK.

    From the main window:

    • select Tools-->Configure palette
    • from the Palette Properties dialog, select the Add From Archive tab
    • enter relative-path/bigdecimal/bigdecimal.jar into the field labeled Select a jar or zip file.
    • In the JavaBeans Found in Archive textarea, select com.getobjects.bigdecimal.BigDecimalField
    • select Other from the Add Component to Page dropdown
    • click Install and OK
  4. Update the CLASSPATH (optional). If you only use the BigDecimalField Bean in the BeanBox and other IDE's, you do not need to set the CLASSPATH. However, you may want to include bigdecimal/bigdecimal.jar in your CLASSPATH if you intend to use javac and other SDK tools from the command line. For a discussion on when to use CLASSPATH and how to set it, see the instructions on Sun's site for Unix (Solaris) or Windows.

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