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Create an Applet and Test With the Applet Viewer

In this step, we will create an applet from the calculator that we built in previous steps and test it with the applet viewer  and a browser.


Load the Calculator

Open the BeanBox utility.  Then select File-->Load from the pulldown menu, enter calc.tmp as the file name, and click Open.  The calculator that we created in the last step should appear again in the center BeanBox panel.


Create an Applet

Select File-->MakeApplet from the pulldown menu of the BeanBox.   You can enter a new directory and applet class name or just accept the default of MyApplet.  Click OK.  A "Make an Applet" dialog box will appear that displays progress. 


Test With the Appletviewer

The appletviewer is a Java application that is provided with Java Development Kit.  It allows you to run and debug applets without a browser.  To view our applet, set your default directory to the beanbox subdirectory and enter:

appletviewer tmp/myApplet/myApplet.html


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